Antiques & Collectibles in Kansas City

Wandering Kansas City searching for history for 30 years...

Now at Merchant Square in Independence, MO!

Vintage Coins, Jewelry, Ephemera, Advertising, Sports memorabilia & More!

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Amazing Collectibles

I don’t find signed Babe Ruth baseballs every day, but the Art Deco decor, collectible advertising and amazing ephemera are worthy of showcasing!? Check out what I have for sale here!

History is Everywhere

You’ll find me at the local garage sale, thrift store or even online. I search for history everywhere and find new inventory weekly.? Check out some of my Past Finds here.

Wiener Wear

If you’re a fan of antiques, wiener dogs or even Kansas City, you’ll love our Wiener Wear! From men’s & women’s t-shirts to phone cases & more, check out our dachshund tshirts and collectibles!