I've wandered Kansas City and beyond for curious antiques & collectibles for 30 years!

History, Collectibles, Antiques and Wieners Dogs Found in Kansas City

When I was growing up in Lawrence, KS, my Mom and I went to garage sales, thrift stores, antique malls and even pawn shops in sketchy neighborhoods to find deals. While most kids waited for summer vacation just to get out of school, I was excited knowing we?d take day trips looking for antiques!

I’ve had many collections over the years. From coins and old toy cars to Hardy Boys books and a kick-butt baseball memorabilia collection, I’ve collected it all. I’ve found historic items belonging to the first dentist in the state of Kansas (who just happened to be related to John D. Rockefeller), to the personal childhood bible of one of Kansas’ first senators, which was personally signed years before Kansas was a state.

Now, 30+ years later, I love wandering all over Kansas City and beyond looking for the next bargain. Of course, a little profit is nice. But I really love the history and never knowing what I might find next.

I hope I find something for you while I wander!

Lester the Wandering Wiener

I adopted Lester way back in 2003. He was tiny, frisky and full of life. A mini-dachshund, there was nothing mini about his personality. He loved going for walks, chewing on a stuffed duck and was quick to stare me down during every meal, hoping for some pizza or even a taco!

He saw me through some tough times, including the death of my Grandpa in 2003, my Mom in 2005 and a divorce in 2010. With everything that happened, Lester was there every day wagging when I came home.

His loyalty lead me to collect wiener dog figurines of any kind. My collection consists of vintage wiener dog bookends to new corn on the cob holders, and it’s nearly 500 pieces strong.

When I first named my business Wandering Wiener Antiques in 2019, he was starting to show signs of his age. He had lost most of his teeth and his tongue flopped out of his mouth all day long. Still, he was there every day, wagging in my general direction even though he was going blind.

In the Fall of 2019, he really started slowing down and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November. Lester is the inspiration behind my collection, my logo and the name of my business. He will live on in these pages.