Sell Your Antiques & Collectibles in Kansas City

Call or Text Pics to Tony @ (816) 287-1999

What Antiques Do I Buy?

I like anything old – retro to true antique or vintage. This includes anything from roughly 1980 and before. If you have your Grandma’s jewelry or your Dad’s sports cards, give me a shout. Here’s a look at some of what I typically buy.

Fine Antique Gold & Silver Jewelry

Antique Costume / Rhinestone Jewelry

Antique Men’s & Women’s Watches

Ephemera (Vintage Paper Goods)

Old Linen and Real Photo Postcards

Antique Photographs

Vintage Toys and Games

Vintage Sports Equipment

Old Advertising Signs and Tins

Vintage Dachshund / Wiener Dogs

Kansas City History & Memorabilia

Antique Radios, Cameras & Electronics

Call or Text Pics to Tony @ (816) 287-1999